Coyote Hunting in Okanogan, WA

Here we go! Deer season is over and what else is there to do? This is where we start to put the hurt on the coyotes. We use mouth calls early in the season and slowly start using our Fox Pro’s as the season gets into February.

The rush of seeing them 300 yards out and coming in on a string is hard to beat. Shots ranging from 200 yards to 10 feet are possible.

Hides on the coyotes are in there prime from October through January. February through April they are starting to loose there pelt as the weather warms…. But are still fun to hunt… During our calling sessions, it is possible to call in bobcats. This would be a bonus to our hunt.

No extra cost is assessed if bobcats are shot. Just a lot more pictures taken!

*All seasons listed are approximate, based on previous seasons.

**Deposit/Terms – Deposits on all hunts are non-refundable and the balance is due 30 days prior to your hunt
Coyote & Bobcat Rates

2022 rates
1×1 $275 + sales tax
2×1 $225 + sales tax