Guided Bear Hunts

Bear hunts last four days. We will be hunting on old logging roads with numerous berry patches in the area. Hunting open hillsides with rocks, coming out of orchards and covering country are how we pursue these animals. Hunting starts the beginning of August and runs through the first part of October. Early in the season it can be pretty hot, so most of the hunting will be done early in the morning and just before dark.

Come mid September the bears will be coming out of orchards and their coats are more full with color. They have put on a few more pounds and really look good this time of year. We have tree stands and ground blinds in areas where they cross from the rock slides to the orchards.

For the people that are in shape, we have some areas that hold some awesome animals. Not to say that our other area carries small bears, we took a 400 lb. monster on film in one of our easy access areas. Easy to say, we can accommodate any type of hunter and their physical condition. Black bear hunting with OVGS will run from mid Aug through Sept.


Spring Black Bear…TBD

Fall Black Bear…TBD

*All seasons listed are approximate, based on previous seasons.